ISO 13485:2016


At Nectar, 我们专注于工业设备的无缝集成, prioritizing safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Our expertise in industrial design and product engineering ensures that our systems operate flawlessly with minimal downtime.

Industrial Equipment Development

Adherence to Standards and Regulatory Excellence

Choosing Nectar means partnering with a committed company adhering to strict industrial equipment standards like ISO 12100, IEC 60204, and ISO 13849. 我们的前瞻性方法加快了审批速度, ensuring top-quality development and seamless global integration of industrial solutions.


Reliability, Durability, and Resilient Design

Nectar focuses on reliability and durability in industrial equipment development, emphasizing robust design processes committed to resilience against industrial environment challenges. 我们致力于可持续设计, including adherence to IEC 62380 standards for electronic system reliability, 与全球环境问题一致. Companies seeking durable and sustainable industrial solutions find Nectar as an ideal choice for enduring equipment that contributes to a sustainable future. 此外,我们在建立SKB案例方面有着良好的记录.

Industrial Equipment company

Innovation, Collaboration, and Proven Success

Our dedicated mechanical engineering team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ready to tackle the most complex challenges and turn your ideas into reality. 专注于创新和精准, we specialize in delivering sophisticated solutions that exceed expectations.

From concept design and prototyping to analysis and optimization; our team possesses a diverse skill set to handle every stage of your project with utmost proficiency.

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Lab & Scientific
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Darren Saravis


Darren is an accomplished, dynamic leader who founded Nectar, X-Naut, and BreathDirect. He is committed to improving the world through the synthesis of technology, science, and art. Under Darren’s leadership, Nectar is leveraging the latest advances in cutting-edge technology to transform medical device development and design. As part of his

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Steven Wells Ph.D.

Director of Operations

Dr. Steve Wells holds a critical role in steering Nectar’s operations and defining its strategic direction. His impactful leadership has established a clear course for the company’s success. He has revitalized the company with a passion for maximizing impact through expert resource utilization since taking the helm in 2020. 史蒂夫提升了甘露的pg电子游戏哪个平台好, streamlined processes, 并重振其创新议程, 所有这些都是为了开发挽救生命和有影响力的产品. His background in senior leadership roles at Georg Fischer and his people-focused, results-driven leadership style make him an invaluable asset to our team. 史蒂夫丰富的化学知识, biocompatibility, 生物学只会增加他作为pg电子游戏哪个平台好成员的价值.

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Nellie Roque

Director of Finance and Accounting

Nellie Roque is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in the fields of accounting, human resources, and payroll. She has a wide range of experience, 在制造业等行业工作过, software, and non-profit organizations. Nellie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting, demonstrating her strong foundation in financial management and human resource practices. Throughout her career, Nellie在这些领域获得了广泛的知识和专业知识, 让她成为任何组织的宝贵财富.
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John Duval

Principal Engineer

John is a true asset to Nectar, having been a founding member and instrumental in shaping the company’s portfolio and establishing its reputation for engineering excellence. 他拥有30多项专利和无数设计奖项, John是产品架构和子系统集成方面的大师, as well as design for manufacture, mechanisms, and root cause analysis. His passion for creating simple and holistic solutions that take into account a wide range of variables is evident in his work and has made him a valuable member of the Nectar team.
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Aaron Gifford

Principal Engineer

拥有丰富的医疗设备开发经验, 亚伦是甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好的重要成员. His expertise in transferring medical devices and IVD instruments to production is unmatched, and his 25 years of professional engineering experience speaks to his expertise. At Nectar, Aaron plays a crucial role in ensuring regulatory compliance throughout product development and manages projects with skill and precision. His recent leadership in the development of the critical care Covid EUA BDR-19™ ventilator is a testament to his abilities, and his 13 patents in the medical device space further highlight his contributions to the field.
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Larry Larson


Larry Larson is a highly experienced engineering professional who has served as Nectar’s Director of Engineering for several years. 他有丰富的领导经验, overseeing, 管理创新产品的设计和开发, 迄今为止,他已经参与了70个独特的产品设计周期. With a deep understanding of highly regulated industries such as medical and aerospace devices, Larry has been instrumental in bringing cutting-edge technologies to market and delivering solutions that meet the needs of his clients. He has a passion for engineering and is dedicated to advancing the field by delivering products that are safe, effective, and of the highest quality.
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Adam Marten

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Adam Marten has worked in the aerospace and consumer products industries since 2006 with lead engineering experience in conceptual design, product development, 分析和性能鉴定测试. Adam有领导一系列技术cq9电子游戏平台网址的经验, including multiple structural analyses for military and aerospace applications. He has also worked directly with engineering teams to develop medical devices and laboratory instrumentation.

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James Wilkin

Industrial Design Manager

James is a seasoned professional with over seven years of experience at Nectar, 他把他在工业设计方面的专长带到了哪里, user interface, and user experience to the table. 在竞争激烈的汽车行业有工作背景, 为戴姆勒和特斯拉这样的大公司工作, 詹姆斯是甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好真正的财富. He is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to user-centered design best practices, and he works closely with clients and partners on crucial human factors strategies for FDA submissions and the overall usability engineering process. James’ achievements in this field speak to his exceptional skills and dedication to the work he does.
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Rejsa Kuci

Business Development Coordinator

Rejsa is a dynamic force in driving sales and acquiring new projects at Nectar, 她擅长将销售和运营pg电子游戏哪个平台好无缝对接. Holding a prestigious double degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Management and Multimedia, Rejsa为她作为cq9电子游戏平台网址经理的角色带来了丰富的经验, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Creative Lead. 在数字世界有超过四年的经验, Rejsa is not only highly skilled but also enthusiastic about following the ISO 13485 path to ensure successful project completion. 她有能力有效地弥合销售和运营之间的差距, 再加上她对推动cq9电子游戏平台网址发展的热情, 使她成为甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好的宝贵财富.
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Belen Quintero

Associate Project Manager

Belen is a project manager at Nectar who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a strong background in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside, she has honed her skills in a variety of industries including healthcare ,education, food manufacturing, and engineering. Belen’ success as a project manager is due in large part to her ability to align projects with business goals, clearly define project needs, lead cross-functional teams, 并将结果有效地传达给利益相关者. 她有成功的记录, Belen is a valuable asset to the Nectar team and a key player in driving the company’s projects forward.
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Erjon Ameti

Mechatronics Engineer

Erjon Ameti is a highly knowledgeable Mechatronics Engineer with a wealth of experience in both academic settings and startup environments. 有很强的电子学背景, robotics, and 3D modeling, he possesses a unique combination of skills that allow him to excel in the fields of automation systems and mechatronics. Over the past five years, Erjon has honed his expertise in product development and industrial automation, 成为他所在领域的权威. Currently, Erjon在Nectar担任硬件工程师, 他在哪里负责文件, CAD design, and electronics in general. 他参与了甘露工程的整个过程, bringing his expertise and experience to the forefront of the company’s success.
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Redon Berisha

Electronics Engineer

Redon is a highly skilled engineer with a passion for technology and innovation. 他有机电一体化的背景, 这让他在电子学方面打下了坚实的基础, including electronic design, PCB design, and cable design. Redon擅长设计过程中的关键环节, 包括程序集的文档, testing, debugging, 并确保每个cq9电子游戏平台网址都以最高标准完成. At Nectar, 他在尖端技术的创造中起着至关重要的作用, bringing his unique vision to life and making him a valuable member of the team. 凭借他的技术专长和创造性的眼光, Redon是电子设计领域的领导者.
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Kerry Eiss

Clinical Expert - RN, BSN, CLNC

拥有超过二十年的医疗保健创新经验, Kerry has been instrumental in transforming patient care and improving patient outcomes across the globe. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the cardiovascular and cardiothoracic operating room, 以及她在急诊医学方面的经验, geriatrics, pediatric psychiatry, and main OR, 让她成为pg电子游戏哪个平台好中多才多艺、有价值的一员. 从小型医院到大型教学机构, 克里20年的病人记录经验, including the use of EPIC, Cerner, 和Meditech电子制图系统, 将她定位为所在领域的领导者. 她最近参与了普罗维登斯圣. Vincent Medical Center’s Cardiac Surgery program from paper charting to electronic documentation further underscores her commitment to advancing the healthcare industry.

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Flaka Brahimi

Marketing Manager

Flaka, a highly skilled professional with a background in Architecture and Spatial Planning from the University of Business and Technology in Pristina, holds a dual role at Nectar as both the Marketing Project Manager and a valuable member of the Business Development team. 作为营销cq9电子游戏平台网址经理, she is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of marketing strategies and as a member of the Business Development team, she actively contributes to the growth of the company by assisting in the creation of impactful marketing tactics. 她有着丰富的背景和专业知识, Flaka plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of Nectar’s projects.
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Brayton Hammerli

User Experience Designer

布雷顿是一位多学科的设计师.A in Studio Arts and a B.毕业于加州州立大学长滩分校工业设计专业. As a user experience designer, Brayton专门研究可用性评估, user research, feedback studies, GUI design, mobile app design, human factors evaluations, and formative studies. In his free time, 布雷顿喜欢远足等户外活动, 山地自行车和其他创造性的追求. He approaches problems with a solution-focused mindset and enjoys exploring ideas. 
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Stephanie Rodriguez

Accounting Coordinator

Stephanie Rodriguez is a highly experienced administrative professional with over 10 years of expertise across a diverse range of industries, including contract manufacturing, financial and wealth management, and the medical field. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Northern Arizona University. 作为甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好的重要成员, Stephanie plays an integral role in supporting the engineering teams by acquiring materials and parts for the prototype phase of our clients’ projects. She also assists the Director of Accounting by issuing purchase orders and provides project managers with accurate data to effectively manage and track budgets for each stage of the statement of work. Stephanie’s knowledge and skills, 加上她的奉献精神和干劲, make her an asset to Nectar and a key player in ensuring the successful completion of our projects.
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Toska Ukaj

Scientific Content Writer

Toska Ukaj is a gifted writer who brings a wealth of expertise and passion to Nectar. With a background in medical science and years of experience producing high-quality scientific and medical publications, 托斯卡的写作技巧是无与伦比的. 她以优异的学习成绩而自豪, advanced interpersonal skills, and a deep passion for healthcare. As Nectar’s writer, Toska consistently produces clear, concise pieces that can be easily understood by the public and truly captures the essence of Nectar’s mission. 凭借她卓越的写作能力和对医疗保健的承诺, 托斯卡是甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好的宝贵财富.
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Sean Wells

Mechanical R&D Technician

肖恩在甘露公司扮演着关键角色. He has a wide range of skills that help keep the company and equipment running. His background in machine and building maintenance means he has skilled hands ready for anything. 肖恩管理我们的实验室设备包括3D打印机和激光切割机. 他还帮助处理复杂的cq9电子游戏平台网址构建、组装和测试.
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Jonathan Cantera

Quality Manager

乔纳森的核心是一名人力因素工程师.S. in Human Factors and Minor in Sociology from California State University of Long Beach. At Nectar, Jonathan is responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s ISO 13485 Quality Management System keeping in compliance with US and international regulations for product development. Jonathan’s role ensures each department is in compliance every step of the design process, 使他成为甘露pg电子游戏哪个平台好的关键成员. Jonathan’s Human Factors background also allows him to aid in user research, feedback sessions, usability evaluations, 以及形成性研究,比如风险评估. When he’s not in the office, Jonathan enjoys film photography, and reading.
Vessa Hyseni Purchasing Manager

Vesa Hyseni

Purchasing Manager

Vesa is a skilled Purchasing Manager with a strong focus on procurement strategies and vendor management. 有成功领导采购pg电子游戏哪个平台好的记录, Vesa擅长优化采购流程, consistently striking a balance between quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. Her ability to identify cost-saving opportunities and manage supplier relationships effectively makes her an indispensable asset to Nectar.
Uran Cabra Engineer

Uran Çabra

Software Engineer

Uran Çabra, 有机电系统工程的背景, 一直致力于嵌入式系统, 特别是在物联网产品开发方面. His responsibilities include firmware development and electronics design and testing. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Autonomous Mobile Robotics.
Sarah Clark UX UI Designer

Sarah Clark

Industrial Designer

Sarah has a background in fine art & graphic design with a B.毕业于加州州立大学长滩分校工业设计专业. 作为一名用户体验设计师,她的特长包括:敏锐的审美, creative problem solving, 以细节为导向的研究方法, 在复杂的体验中改善用户旅程.